Design Shop LLC

123 Washington Street, Holliston, MA, USA.

(617) 964-3990

Company Description

Design Shop Company LLC bring together over 40 years of industrial experience of it’s skilled work force with state -of-the-art equipment to provide our customers with creative problem -solving and address their multi-faceted needs.

Products or Services

Computer-aided design drafting including the SolidWorks program, Precision CNC milling machining, Precision CNC turning machining, Aluminum welding., Precision measuring instrumentation for very strict quality control requirements, Manufacturing fixtures to help for long term production and assembly, Sheet metal fabrication, and General milling and turning machines



NAICS Description

Machine Shops

Industries Served – NAICS

333992, 928110, 333318

Industries Served

Welding and Soldering Equipment Manufacturing, National Security, Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing

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