Middlesex Research Mfg Co

27 Apsley Street, Hudson, MA, USA.

(978) 562-3697

Company Description

Middlesex Research Manufacturing Company specializes in continuous web flocking, coating, and laminating.

Products or Services

Flocked tapes/sheets/rolls, Flocked Marine boat tops & awnings, Waterproofed/UV inhibitors -marine items & car tops, Lamination for work glove cuffing, Lamination pressure-sensitive adhesive products, Coatings for mattress label stock, Coatings for printing on mattress labels, Magnetic receptive coatings, Rubberized coatings for industrial aprons, Print coating, Top coating & back coating, and Non-fray coating



NAICS Description

Fabric Coating Mills

Industries Served – NAICS

336612, 337910, 315210

Industries Served

Boat Building, Mattress Manufacturing, Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors

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